Fortunes of Ravenloft

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Madam Eva reads your fortune.

Priest’s Card
This card is a symbol of great power. It tells of a powerful force for good and protection against the forces of darkness.
This is in a place of dizzying heights that all loathe to travel. The road winds ever upward and the rocks themselves live here!
The glyph shows a very good influence there. If you are there, the powers of good will aid you.

Wizard’s Card
This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient may help you understand a foe.
This is in the mother’s place.

Rogue’s Card
This is the object of your search! Ah! I see darkness and evil behind this card! It is a powerful man whose enemy is light, and whose powers are beyond mortality!
You should seek a carefully hidden place of great worldly wealth. I see a blazing fire protecting the place.
The star is a dark shadow of evil cast over that place. You fight under its influence here.

Warrior’s Card
This card is good for you. It is a card of power and strength, the victor’s card. It tells of a weapon of light, a weapon with a vengeance.
This, too, is in the mother’s place.

Darklord’s Card
And here is the root card. Out of darkness and chaos, this card finds the reason and foundation for darkness and chaos. This card shows the purpose of all things. It is the key to life and death and else beyond.
Not yet, but soon, one who appears to be your friend will become your enemy.

Fortunes of Ravenloft

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